10% Discount on any order over 200$


"Where are they shipped from?"

Everything is shipped from Canada, Alberta. no drop shipping here!

"Are your cell genuine?"

i have been selling on forums for over 2 years now so i am used to counterfeit and fake cells. I batch test every order i receive to make sure i only sell genuine cells.

"is wholesale available?"

yes. Send me an email at sales@18650canada.com

"Why is shipping so high?"

Unfortunately that's the reality of Canada. there's no way around it apart from being Amazon.

"Do you plan on having molicel, 26650 or lifepo cells?"

Yes but i am currently budget limited. i try my best to have decent stock of what i currently offer before going for more choices and always being out of stock.

"Why do you write (DO NOT USE WITH E-CIGARETTE, VAPORIZER, OR SIMILAR DEVICE) on every cell you offer? can't they be used for vapes?"

For liability reasons. I do not want to held accountable for user miss use.